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RefWorks is an online reference management tool that can help you keep track of your sources and ensure that everything you refer to in your written work will appear in your bibliography. A bibliography that your reference tool automatically will create for you, in the output style of your choice.

Students and employees at AU are able to use RefWorks for free. All it takes is for you to sign up for a RefWorks account. Having done this you can work with your sources from anywhere because your references are saved on a server at RefWorks, not on your own computer.

It is very easy to get started with RefWorks and work with others on the same references since you do not have to install RefWorks on your computer but can be accessed from any computer. RefWorks is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and works well with Word.

1. Sign up for a RefWorks account

2. Get off to at good start with RefWorks

3. Contact og support

RefWorks and Microsoft Office 365

Windows: Microsoft Word 2013 or Microsoft Word 2016 must be installed locally on your computer in order for it to work with RefWorks. RefWorks does not work with Word Online.

Mac: RefWorks does not currently work with Microsoft Word 2016, but a solution is being worked on. RefWorks recommend that Mac users go back to Word 2011 in order for RefWorks to work with Word.

RefWorks is a web-based bibliography and citation manager that allows you to create a personal database by importing citations from text files or online databases. You can then use these references in writing papers and automatically format the bibliography in seconds.

The first time you use RefWorks you will need to create an account with a personal login and password.

Write-N-Cite: Although it is not necessary to have Write-N-Cite to use RefWorks, you may wish to download this add-in. Write-N-Cite allows you to insert citations into your paper with the click of a button.

To download Write-N-Cite, log into RefWorks and select Tools then Write-N-Cite from the options toward the top of the page.

RefWorks Training Resources

RefWorks Quick Start Guide

RefWorks 2.0 Fundamentals Workbook

RefWorks 2.0 Advanced Features Workbook

RefWorks Tutorials

Please contact Brent Nelson ( at 501.569.8807 for further assistance or training.

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