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A thesis or dissertation is a discourse on a particular research topic, which can be written individually, or as a part of an academic qualification. You should highlight your research goals and specific objectives. Picking up good medical dissertation topics is a very important aspect of writing and the first step on the way to original and relevant study. The thesis paper is rather narrow in comparison with a book and is specialized on the particular area of study. To help prepare your medical dissertation we offer medical dissertation topics to build your research on.

Medical Dissertation Topics: Clinical Management

Clinical management includes clinical setting healthcare and managing all nursing aspects. Some medical dissertation topics may include:

  1. Methods in taking care of patient and managing patients with acute pain.
  2. Psychological treatment and medical management of drug dependent prisoners.
  3. Clinical management risks concerning prostate cancer patients.
  4. The best medical strategies for people with post traumatic stress disorder.
  5. Management issues of providing hospital care for patients with malignant breast tumors.
  6. Prehospital, inter-organizational technologies in the development of community-based psychosocial forms of substance abuse and mental health care.
  7. Patterns of primary glaucoma disease and the improvement of treatment management.
  8. Perceived management issues and ways to improve health care for children with celiac disease.
  9. Optimal management strategies for stroke patients in medical institutions.
  10. Management strategies and health care for patients with cardiovascular disease.

Medical Dissertation Topics: Midwifery

The midwifery nursing practice deals with issues concerning pregnancy, and clinical and nursing interventions in this process. The suggested topics for dissertations are:

    1. The role of midwives in improving the outcomes of pregnancy.
    2. Improving high-risk pregnancies with the help of midwives.
    3. The role of midwives and their competence in clinical setting.
    4. UK midwife care model.
    5. International midwifery practice – lessons to be learned.
    6. The importance of emotional support in labor and the development of a trusting relationship between the woman and midwife before delivery.
    7. Midwifery care today – prospective, and potential.
    8. The social component of the professional role of midwives.
    9. The history of obstetrics and the role of the midwife.
    10. The influence of previous nursing training on a midwife’s practice.

Medical Dissertation Topics: Occupational Health

Taking care of occupational health shows the company’s attitude towards its workers and such factors as work-related health problems and stress. This issue makes occupational safety a perfect area for medical dissertation. Make use of:

    1. The psychology of occupational health in stress management.
    2. The occupational stress of policemen and its long-term aftermath.
    3. Techniques of preventing illnesses and injuries, which are related to work.
    4. Occupational safety aspects of factories workers.
    5. Occupational assessments of working conditions and their optimization on modern enterprises of power engineering.
    6. Assessment of working conditions and the incidence on workers from sewage pumping stations.
    7. Comprehensive assessment of the impact of the environment and working conditions on the health of nurses.
    8. Working conditions and genetic markers of the reproductive health of petrochemical plant workers.
    9. Preventing the negative impact of mineral fertilizers on the environment and plant workers.
    10. Occupational health aspects of formation and correction of psycho-vegetative disorders among poultry farms workers.

Medical Dissertation Topics: Mental Health

The main function of psychological health is maintaining an active dynamic balance between human and environment. Unfortunately, a person is not always armed with sufficient knowledge, and undergoes psychological blows, so the restoration of normal mental health should be deliberately organized with appropriate actions. The following topics may serve as a good background for your medical dissertation:

  1. Ensuring the safety of personnel mental health in security companies.
  2. Mental health of particularly dangerous nuclear industry workers.
  3. College students’ mental health as a factor in their psychological adaptation to the learning process.
  4. Clinical characteristics of the mental health conditions of military personnel.
  5. The relationship of the quality of life and mental health for emergency doctors.
  6. The main approaches to the study of mental health of disabled people and methods of their rehabilitation.
  7. The relationship of the individual’s mental health and the subjective assessment of the quality of life.
  8. Adolescent mental health in the area of ecological disaster.
  9. Clinical, social, psychological, and rehabilitative aspects of a migrant’s mental health.
  10. Mental health of women with gynecological abnormalities.

Medical Dissertation Topics Help

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Your thesis/dissertation project

The goal of your doctoral research will be to contribute new and original findings to the field. As you will think about your thesis/dissertation project, you would identify the scientific questions and then identify the experimental approaches, including possible alternatives, you will use to answer the questions. This process will be guided by your theses advisor. You will do a comprehensive review of the literature and write a draft research proposal to discuss with your mentor and advisors.

Managing your time and staying on track during your dissertation research will help to manage your time-to-degree. Creating a reasonable timeline, in consultation with your mentor and advisors, regular analysis of the timeline and your progress, and consistently working to stay on the timeline will be invaluable in helping you to stay on track. You should expect continuous feedback from your peers, mentor, and advisors throughout your dissertation research.

Writing and defending the thesis/dissertation

Earning a PhD is marked by your intellectual development as an independent scientist, including the ability to employ critical thinking skills to address important unanswered questions in biology, human health, or disease. Monitoring your intellectual development is the responsibility of your thesis committee, which usually consists of your thesis advisor and other faculty members. Your thesis committee appraises your development employing a variety of measures, including progress on your dissertation project. When your committee determines that your intellectual development and your research has reached an appropriate level you will be given permission to write and defend your dissertation. Of course you should not wait until your Committee tells you to begin writing; you should begin writing drafts of some sections as early as possible. Some programs may allow you to use your publications as the backbone of your dissertation.

After many drafts, your Committee will approve the written document for the oral defense of your dissertation. The precise format for this will vary from program to program, but most will include a public seminar. Look for opportunities to give presentations of your research throughout your graduate studies. If your program requires an oral examination/defense of your proposal before advancement to candidacy, you will have had a taste of the dissertation defense and you should use that experience as you prepare for the defense.

In preparation for both the writing and oral defense, you should talk with senior students about their experiences, check if your institution offers writing and presentation/communication workshops, and browse the web for resources such as these listed below:

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