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We’ve compiled a selection of useful articles, BMAT past papers, worked solutions and BMAT revision notes, mostly written by us. A selection is freely available below (with the rest given to those who attend the course).


1. Our course materials

Below you’ll find of the material from our BMAT Crash Course Handbook. We’ve decided to release some of it for free online in the hope that (a) you deem the quality high enough to warrant registering for the course, and (b) even if you’re not attending the course, you still find some of it useful.

2. BMAT Ninja

As you might know, BMAT Ninja is an online BMAT preparation system we launched in 2015. The ‘Training Temple’ has quite a few free tutorials on some of the harder Section 1 and 2 topics, and the ‘Practice Dojo’ has 1,000+ questions that you can do for free!

3. Section 2 Specification

Everyone wants to know what the deal is with the Section 2 specification. There’s a long answer, and a short answer, and we’ve explained everything in the following article. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello!

    So I'm hoping to apply to medical school for 2016 entry this year, and I was wondering how the BMAT works? I mean, the UKCAT happens over the summer, but I checked on the BMAT website and it says 2015 testing takes place in November or something! Should I be taking it then, or have I missed it for my year of entry?

    Also, does anyone who's done it have any tips for the BMAT?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I've written up an article that goes over the basics (

    But just to answer your question, if you're applying for 2016 entry, then you will take the BMAT on 4th November 2015. This is after you apply. Which is why taking the BMAT is a bit of a gamble, compared to the UKCAT. With UKCAT, you have your results before you apply, so you can base your decisions on those. With BMAT, you only get the results once you've already applied, so it's too late to change anything by then

    Quick Tips for the BMAT:

    Section 1

    Do lots of TSA Oxford papers. They mimic the format of BMAT Section 1 almost exactly, so they're a great source of practice.

    Section 2

    Learn all the science you need to know, especially Physics, and especially if you're not doing Physics at AS. There's an official online guide on the BMAT website called something like "Section 2: Assumed Knowledge Guide" which is pretty good, but seems to have quite a bit of stuff that's never come up before. I've written a more realistic version of what comes up in Section 2 here ( - I'd suggest learning the stuff on that list first, and then once you know absolutely everything on it, then learn the extra stuff in the official guide.

    Regarding past papers, there are BMAT past papers available from 2003 onwards, but the syllabus changed in 2009, so only worry about the 2009-2014 Section 2 papers. Section 1 didn't change though, so still do the 2003-2008 Section 1 papers.

    Other than that, the best tip I can give for Section 2 is "FRACTIONS ARE YOUR FRIENDS". This cannot be overstated enough. A huge chunk of Section 2 involves calculating fractions quickly (without a calculator), so if you can do those well, you'll be at a significant advantage.

    Section 3

    This is the writing task. People call it an essay but it's really just 2-3 paragraphs. You have 30 minutes for this section, of which at least 10 should be spent planning. The biggest mistake people make is going into the exam, panicking, and starting to write straight away. Please don't do that. Make sure you plan very very well before starting to write, as you're only given one sheet of paper and if you screw that up, it's over.


    I've got plenty more tips but third year exams are coming up and I need to memorise a tonne of essays :/ Feel free to DM/quote me if you've got any more questions and I'll try to respond during one of my breaks

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